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Infrared thermometers are reliable and easy to use, ideal for taking surface temperature measurements in situations where the object is hard to reach. When using an IR thermometer in a cold or hot environment, it is recommended you allow the unit to acclimatise for up to 30 minutes to improve the accuracy of the reading.

IR Tips:
- Try and get as close as you can to the object being measured
- Ensure you are perpendicular to the surface being measured
- Be mindful of the surface’s emissivity value
- Keep the lens clean and clear of debris
- Always store your thermometer in a dry, cool place
- Never submerge any part of your infrared thermometer

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We operate and maintain a NATA Accredited Laboratory, (Accreditation No. 1808). Our Laboratory can calibrate pressure and vacuum measuring devices to AS 1349 and similar standards in the ranges of -95 kPa to 0 and 20 kPa to 100 MPa.