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Pressure Gauges
We have a pressure gauge to suit all your needs, from general equipment gauges to tough solid front refinery gauges. A wide range of accessories, flanges, lenses, case styles, socket sizes, liquid filling and certification is available. Our NATA accredited pressure laboratory can certify your pressure instrument to give you greater certainty of your pressure readings.
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Blower Motors
Ross Brown Sales Pty Limited have been representing Ametek Lamb for many decades and stock a wide range of AC and DC brushed and brushless motors for use in home ducted vacuum cleaning units, commercial cleaning vacuums and scrubbers, spa and pet grooming applications. View our wide range of thru-flow, bypass and tangential motors. Blowers for chemical or explosive environments are also available upon request.
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Food Safety
The safety of your cooking environment is paramount. Our range of instruments to help you cook your food to perfection is extensive. Professional chefs and home cooks love our products – you too can be a perfect cook! – check out our range and see what we can do to help you excel in your cooking and food preparation. Need to prove your temperature for HACCP purposes? – we have you covered with our Thermapens, Wi-Fi data loggers, infrared thermometers and much more.
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Condensate Traps
Our extensive line of zero-loss condensate traps contributes energy-saving, performance improving functionality to many compressed air and compressed gas system applications. The Drain-All Condensate Handler has become the industry standard as an efficient way to purging water from compressed air systems. This technology has also been modified to accommodate a variety of non- standard applications, including high- and low-pressure environments, high temperatures, and high concentrations of rust or other solids.
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What's New



The new Thermapen 1 is the ultimate kitchen thermometer for the cook who knows!

  • Instant 1 second response time
  • Waterproof to IP67
  • Auto intelligent backlight
  • Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology
  • Easy to read rotating display
  • British designed and manufactured
  • 5-year guarantee
Ross Brown Sales 40 years NATA accreditation

About Us

Ross Brown Sales Pty Limited is a privately owned Australian company established in 1957

Widely acknowledged as Australia’s leading supplier of products like pressure gauges, brushless motors, superfast thermapens, float switches and many others suitable for precision pressure measurement and calibration, temperature measurement and calibration, as well as force and flow, and associated data logging. Our company employs highly competent personnel throughout Australasia and maintains company offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland NZ, complemented with our agent in Perth.

Our Team

Our management and staff are totally committed to the provision of quality products and service. Our extensive range of products allows us to satisfy most requirements and we are always happy to supply custom manufactured/modified equipment.


We operate and maintain a NATA Accredited Laboratory, (Accreditation No. 1808). Our Laboratory can calibrate pressure and vacuum measuring devices to AS 1349 and similar standards in the ranges of -95 kPa to 0 and 20 kPa to 100 MPa.

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