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Privacy Policy

In general, Ross Brown Sales Pty Limited. (hereinafter referred to as “RBS” or “we”) acts according to data avoidance and minimisation principles. This means, we try to collect, process and use as few personal information as possible.
So that you can feel comfortable with respect to the handling of your personal data, we make it transparent to you what happens to the accumulated data and what security measures are taken on our part. We will also let you know what your legal rights are in connection with the treatment of these data.

    1. Automatically generated data
      Our website can generally be visited without entering any personal data. We just collect the data supplied by your internet service provider. This includes the name of your provider, your IP address, the type of browser you use and your operating system as well as visited websites incl. any search terms and the websites from which you visit our website. In these cases, data is
      processed anonymously, which makes it impossible for us to relate the data to your person, ie you cannot be identified. An evaluation is only carried out for statistical purposes. If personal data is provided by you, it is generally used only within the Ross Brown Sales Pty Limited.
    2. Personal data and consent Insofar as it is required for the establishment, execution or termination of a contractual relationship or quasi agreement with customers, we will collect, process and use your personal data. Furthermore, we will only save personal data if the website visitor enters it explicitly and
      voluntarily. This might be the case, for example, if a website visitor requests to set up a trading account. The information submitted in this case will only be used according to its purpose and observing the valid legal requirements; any use beyond the above mentioned requires your consent.  A consent may be revoked any time in writing by sending the request to our data protection contact.
      Your contact person for data protection issues at Ross Brown Sales Pty Limited is:
      Name:  David Geraghty

      Postal address:

      Ross Brown Sales Pty Limited
      PO Box 6345 BHBC,
      Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153

    3. Forwarding personal data 
      Data are generally collected, processed and used by us, in particular, if we guarantee it. In certain cases, however, your data is also collected, processed and used by our service providers having a business relationship with us. In the aforementioned case, we will see to it that the relevant legal

      data protection requirements and the obligations resulting from this data protection notice will be complied with. Any further access to your information by third parties is not intended by us. In particular, we will not sell your information or use it in any similar way. We will comply with our duty of notification as required by law or authorities; in these cases, we will forward the relevant information to the public authorities.

    4. Security principles
      To protect the information about employees/customers/suppliers stored in our company against accidental or deliberate manipulations, loss, destruction or access by unauthorised parties, we have taken the corresponding technical and organisational measures. The security level is constantly being checked in cooperation with security experts and adapted to new security standards.
    5. Links to other websites
      Our website also includes – clearly marked – links to the websites of other companies. Provided there are links to websites of other owners, the contents of such websites is not under our control. Therefore, we shall not be responsible or liable for any of these contents. The providers or
      owners of the linked-to websites are solely liable for the contents. The linked-to pages were checked for any possible infringements or noticeable violations of the law at the moment of establishing the link. There was not any noticeable illegal contents at the moment of linking. A continuous control of the contents of the linked-to websites, however, is not reasonable without any specific evidence of a violation of the law. As soon as such violations of the law become
      evident, we will remove such links promptly.
    6. Right to information and deletion
      On your request, Ross Brown Sales Pty Limited will inform you as soon as possible in writing which information that can be related to you is saved in our company. Nevertheless, if we have saved incorrect information in spite of a careful handling of your data, we will correct this information on your request. Your data is also deleted on request. Please do not hesitate to contact the data protection contact for any inquiry or request. This person is also available to you for any further questions regarding the processing of your personal data or if you have any comments or complaints that help us to further improve our data protection. Your contact person for data protection issues at Ross Brown Sales Pty Limited is:
      Name:  David Geraghty

      Postal address:

      Ross Brown Sales Pty Limited
      PO Box 6345 BHBC,
      Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153

    7. Cookies

      Our website utilises cookies in several places. They serve to make our service more user-friendly, effective and safe. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer and saved by your browser (locally on your hard drive). Cookies allow us to analyse how users use our website. Thus, we are able to tailor the content of the site to the requirements of the user. Cookies also make it possible to measure the effectiveness of a particular advert and show us
      where best to place it depending, for example, on the topics the user is interested in. Most of the
      cookies we use are “session cookies”. These are automatically deleted after your visit. Most web
      browsers accept cookies automatically. However, if you would prefer not to send this
      information you can usually change the settings on your browser. You will still be able to use our website without limitation (except in the case of configurators).

    8. Online Payments 
      When paying in our online shop, in connection with this, we will pass on the payment data you have provided to a payment service provider, appointed by us (the transmission is SSL-encrypted), who executes the transaction. Your data will only be used by the payment service provider for this purpose. Any further access to your information by third parties is not intended
      by us. In particular, we will not sell your data or use it in any similar way.

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