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Software: v3.0.4

Please note: If you are currently using v3.0.3, please update your instrument using the firmware below:

Firmware v3.5.0.0

Upgrade Instructions


ThermaData Studio

The ThermaData Studio is a user-friendly application that enables you to organise and analyse data from each temperature unit.

Software: v6.0.0

ThermaData Studio Tutorial

TD Link

Used in conjunction with ThermaData Studio, TD Link is a "view only" app that allows you to monitor the current readings, settings and reference information of each temperature unit. A push notification feature is available to be alerted when an alarm condition has been detected.


Designed to be used in conjunction with your Bluetooth Thermometer, the HACCP LE facilitates a complete easy-to-use HACCP system.


BlueTherm Lite:

ADT 680

ADT 680 Software:

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