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Ross Brown Sales: Australia’s Source for Chatillon Digital and Mechanical Force Gauges

November 9, 2022

When it comes to designing and building dependable force gauge products, it’s tough to think of a manufacturer that can compete with Chatillon. For years, Chatillon has been a global heavyweight in the materials testing and force measurement industries, known for instruments that can accurately test tension or compressibility, hardness or elasticity, peel or adhesion abilities. Chatillon force gauges have been used to measure the force of everything from rubber and plastic to wood and metal. Even textiles and paper can be assessed using Chatillon’s digital or mechanical force gauges.

At Ross Brown Sales, or RBS, we are one of Australia’s leading sources for force gauge products, and Chatillon is our primary brand partner and supplier. Whether you are looking for a digital force gauge, a mechanical force gauge or a few of each, we at RBS can help you find precisely what you need.

A Mechanical Force Gauge or a Digital Force Gauge: Choosing the Right Product

If you are shopping for a force gauge in Australia, the first question you will have to answer is whether you need a mechanical force gauge or a digital force gauge. Chatillon manufactures exemplary, fully functional products in both styles. Which you choose will depend somewhat on what you plan on using the force gauge for. However, personal preference will absolutely play a role as well, because you really can’t go wrong with a Chatillon force gauge.

Basic mechanical force gauges are ideal for testing the compression (push) and tensile (pull) properties of something. They provide precise readouts in analog fashion, and work dependably without batteries. Chatillon also manufactures a number of specialised mechanical-style force gauges, designed to provide readings on different properties.

For instance, ergonomic gauges are used to measure how much muscle strength or exertion is required to use a product. As their name suggests, these gauges are used to test and aid the design of products built with comfort and ease of use in mind. Chatillon also designs mechanical force gauges built specifically to measure hydraulics.

Digital force gauges, meanwhile, provide precise measurements of torque and digital force. While they are definitely more ‘modern’ in design than Chatillon’s mechanical gauges, these digital force gauges are simplistic and user-friendly in their design and construction, so that anyone can learn how to use them with ease. Chatillon’s digital gauges are also the most cost-effective on the market.

Finding Force Gauges in Australia

Regardless of your industry, project or overall objective, we at RBS believe that we can provide you with the kind of force gauge you need, right here in Australia. Not only do we carry both digital and mechanical gauges-for a variety of different uses, no less-we also offer competitive pricing and overall reliability that you will appreciate. Indeed, Ross Brown Sales has been a consistent fixture in Australia since 1957, and we anticipate being here for many years to come. In short, you can count on both our brand and the products we offer to stand the test of time.

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