Electronic Display Unit

EDU 32FP – Electronic Display Unit

The EDU 32 FP accessory is a microcomputer-controlled counter and display apparatus. It is designed to be used in conjunction with RITTER Gas Meters, to count and display the absolute volume and flow-rate of Gases flowing through the RITTER Meter. It consists of a unit in a separate (desktop) casing with a two-line Plain-Text-LCD-Display, and can be used with all types of RITTER Gas Meters.

The following individual alterations and functions can be programmed via the Control Buttons:

    1. Gas Meter type being used

    2. Individual measurement range (min./max. flow rates) for custom-built Gas Meters

    3. Upper and lower limiting values for Flow Rate

    4. Pulse Generator in use: Standard (200 Pulses per revolution of the measurement drum), Ex-Proof (50 Pulses/Revolution) or custom-built Models (customer-preferred number of pulses under 200 or 50 respectively)

    5. Language German/English in the Display

    6. Analog-Output: Current Output or Voltage Output

    7. Contrast adjustment of the Display

If the EDU 32 FP is ordered together with a Gas Meter, or ordered separately but with notification included of the type of Gas Meter with which it will be used, it will be delivered to the Customer already programmed for that Meter. If ordered separately with no such notification, it will be programmed to the following standard specifications: