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The Superfast Thermapen Comes to the Home Kitchen in Australia!

November 9, 2022

Acclaimed worldwide by chefs and catering companies as one of the best and fastest-acting thermometers in the food preparation industry, the Thermapen is a must have for a busy kitchen. This digital pocket-sized thermometer not only provides more accurate temperature readings than any other cooking thermometer on the market, but it also provides them in less than three seconds-so you can know right away whether the meat on the grill or the soup on the stove has reached the desired temperature.

Though we got our start, back in 1957, as a pressure measurement and calibration company, we at Ross Brown Sales have morphed and evolved over the years to serve a range of other industries. We are still deeply involved in the pressure gauge market, but we have also expanded into the food industry, thanks to our range of temperature measurement products. The ETI Superfast Thermapen is one of our most popular products in that particular market.

At RBS, we provide the Thermapen to customers throughout Australia-not just to professional chefs or big-time catering companies, but to home culinary enthusiasts as well! Our thought is that this product is just too good to not be a common household item. Any device that helps provide precise and instantaneous temperature measurements-thereby eliminating much of the guesswork involved in cooking-is something that any chef could appreciate, from the most seasoned professionals to the most novice of beginners.

Safe and Durable

When you purchase a Thermapen from RBS in Australia, you won’t just be purchasing a thermometer that is 50% faster than virtually every other probe on the market. On the contrary, in addition to fast and precise temperature measurements, the Thermapen beats the competition on sheer design and durability.

For one thing, the Superfast Thermapen was built with a special Biomaster casing, which means that it repels bacterial growth. In other words, the Thermapen is actively working to keep you safe-in addition to helping you pull your steaks off the grill at exactly the right moment. The Thermapen also boasts a water resistant design-to avoid rust or corrosion-and comes with a pair of lithium coin cell batteries that will last for a minimum 1,500 hours of use.

Get Your Thermapen in Australia Today

Interested in purchasing the Superfast Thermapen direct from the importer and trying out the acclaimed ETI product for yourself? Ross Brown Services is a trusted supplier for these thermometers in Australia, and we can help you out with competitive pricing and extensive inventory. Start by visiting the food service page on our website, at As you will see, the Thermapen comes in a variety of different colours, from green to blue to orange and beyond. If you are purchasing only one Superfast Thermapen for home use, you can just choose whichever colour you like best. In professional kitchens, on the other hand, chefs will often order a variety of different colours, to be used for different food types or in different parts of the kitchen. This way, the possibility for cross contamination is minimised, and all food is kept as safe as possible.

If you have any questions about purchasing a Thermapen in Australia, don’t hesitate to email the RBS sales staff! You can reach us at


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