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Pressure Relief Valves and Beyond: Ross Brown Sales Meets Pressure System Needs in Australia

November 9, 2022

Since 1957, Ross Brown Sales has been one of Australia’s biggest names in pressure measurement and calibration instruments. From pressure gauges and switches to pressure relief valves and beyond, we can provide your industrial venture with virtually any pressure management product that might be required. And thanks to our longevity, our partnerships with major brands and our long list of well-known customers, there is no reason not to trust RBS or the products we have to offer.

Why Ross Brown Sales?

If you are looking for the perfect pressure gauges or pressure relieve valves in Australia, you may be asking about why you should choose Ross Brown Services over the competition. What makes us a better bet than the other players in this industry?

First of all, consider how long we have survived as a company. RBS got its start in 1957, and has thrived for nearly 60 years while many other companies have sprung up and wilted in that time. We’ve pushed through numerous ownership changes, through global financial crises and through massive technological advancements.

Our products have continued to be relevant and essential through it all, partially because we have constantly adapted and evolved to meet the shifting market. While RBS is still as grounded in pressure gauges or pressure relief valves as we were at our inception, we have also moved into other industries-from food service to water treatment and beyond. In this day and age, the best thing a company can do to be successful is be versatile, and we are definitely that.

We also believe that the client list we have at Ross Brown Sales speaks for itself. From Quantas and Virgin Australia to Exonn Mobil and BP Refining, our customers include enterprises and brands that are known not just throughout Australia, but around the entire world. If these multinational corporations trust our pressure gauges and pressure relief valves, there is no reason that your business or industrial venture cannot do the same.

Choosing the Right Pressure Relief Valve

If you are searching for a pressure relief valve in Australia, then stop by our website at You can learn about all of our products, including the various pressure relief valve systems that we have to carry. These pressure relief valves-also known as safety valves-are customarily used by air compressor manufacturers, but are also used in pressure washers, fire suppression systems, vehicle systems and calibration gas industries.

If you think a pressure relief valve is the product you are looking for, or if you are wondering what other type of pressure measurement or calibration product might meet your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Ross Brown Sales. Sometimes, searching for the right pressure measurement instrument can be a daunting and confusing task, and our sales staff at RBS is happy to demystify the technical jargon of product descriptions and spec lists to help you find what you need. We can be reached through email, at, or over the phone, at 02 9899 2744.


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