SuperFast Thermapens

Q: What makes the Thermapen so fast compared to other thermometers?

A: The Thermapen uses Thermocouple Technology as well as a reduced-diameter needle tip on the probe.

Q: Where can I buy a Thermapen?

A: You can buy it through us at or our ebay store rossbrownsales. There are also a few retail outlets that stock the Thermapen.

Q: Why don’t more retail outlets carry it?

A: Most retailers want to more than double their money, if a product costs $4, they want to charge you $10. The Thermapen is already priced at “Trade Pricing” meaning this is the price we sell it to businesses and general consumers. Big retail chains would have to charge you too much, the retailers that do carry the Thermapen are not making their normal mark-up so thank them if you buy there!

Q: Where can I get spare batteries for my Thermapen?

A: The Thermapen 3 uses two coin cell batteries (CR2032), whilst the Thermapen 4 uses a single AAA battery. Both are commonly found at general stores and retail outlets.
Change the batteries in a Classic Thermapen MK3: How To Video
Change the battery in a Professional Thermapen MK4: How To Video

Q:Can the Degree be switched between °C and °F on my Thermapen?

A: Yes, both the Classic MK3 and Professional MK4 Thermapen models allow the user to easily switch between the type of degree.
Change the degree on a Classic Thermapen MK3: How To Video
Change the degree on a Professional Thermapen MK4: How To Video

Q: How long should my Thermapen’s batteries last?

A: Thermapen batteries are rated for 1,500 hours of use. The auto-off feature will extend the life of the battery and can be enabled/disabled from the battery compartment.

Q: Will the Thermapen tell me when my meat is done?

A: Not literally, however it will tell you (quickly) an accurate temperature reading that you can base your assessment on. Here are some guidelines to cooking times in relation to food safety, however consulting cookbooks, TV shows and recipes for advice on both safe temperature and best cooking temperature for flavour and texture is also valuable. Your individual preferences will also influence your judgement of correct “doneness”.

Q: There are plenty of cheaper thermometers, why pay more for a Thermapen?

A: In use there’s a big difference. Cheaper thermometers are limited by their technology and are mass produced for just a few dollars. On the other hand, the Thermapen is hand-assembled and hand-tested in the UK and uses a professional thermocouple circuit design. This design costs more to make than cheaper, less capable thermometers.