Test Stands

LTCM Series

Motorised Test Stands

The LTCM Series is economical and optimised for production floor operation.

When combined with a DFS II Series force gauge (gauge sold separately), you have a complete force measurement system with load accuracy of better than 0.1% Full Scale.

  • Simple operation with intuitive controls
  • Compact benchtop design, features a large working area
  • 130mm (5in) throat ideal for large sample sizes
  • Flexible with crosshead speeds up to 500mm per minute
  • Adjustable mechanical limits
  • Remote footswitch control and operation
Crosshead Speed5 to 500 mm/min (0.2 to 20 in/min)
Speed Accuracy±3% unloaded
Travel380 mm (15 in) / 750 mm (29 in)
Operating Temp.:5 to 45°C / 40 to 110°F

Optional Accessories
  • Remote Control Footswitch (NC00291)
  • DF II Series Gauge Interface Cable (ENC0125)
  • Crosshead Travel, Extension Arm - 19in/48cm of additional height (SPK-TCM100-EXT)
  • Expanded Work Table* (SPK-LTCM-067)
  • SLC Load Sensor Adaptor Kit*
  • Splinter Shield Kit*
* only LTCM-500

Force Capacity:

Model LBF N

MT Series

Mechanical Test Stands

The MT Series are an easy-to-use solution for force measurement applications up to 500 lbf (2.5kN).

  • Two models with lever or handwheel actuator
  • Large working area
  • Compact and modular design
  • Basic solution for repeat testing
  • Column height up to 1500mm
  • Can be bench mounted, wall mounted or positioned horizontally
Travel rates:Lever- 75mm (3in) per revolution
Handwheel- 12mm (0.5in) per revolutin
Column Height:Standard- 750mm (29.5in)
Extended- 1000mm (39.4in)
Ultra- 1500mm (59in)
Maximum Stroke:150mm (6in) Longer strokes available
Operating Temp:5 to 45°C / 40 to 110°F

Optional Accessories
  • Digital Travel Indicator (SPK-MT-Digital)
  • Ruler Assembly (SPK-MT-RULER)
  • Gauge Mounting Kit
  • Wall/Horizontal Mounting Kit (SPK-MT-WALL-HORZ)
  • Lever Actuator Assembly (SPK-MT-L*)
  • Handwheel Actuator Assembly (SPK-MT-H*)
* 150 or 500 depending on model

Force Capacity:

Model LBF N

TT Series

Pneumatic Test Stands

The TT Series is a pneumatically-operated tester ideal for production line testing, incoming inspection testing or for the R&D laboratory.

  • Simple to operate
  • Operates using clean, dry air (maximum air pressure 160 psig)
  • Meets MIL-T-7928 (ASG) requirements
  • 150mm (6 in) stroke
  • Precision Ram Speed Control
  • Used for measuring breaking strength of electrical leads, terminals, connectors, wire wraps, etc
Load Capacity:550 lbf (2500N)
Sample Size:25 to 380mm (1 to 15 in) in length
7/32" outside diameter
Crosshead Speed:0.1/min to 6/min
Travel:150mm (6 in)
Jaw opens to 7/32 in
Jaw closes to 1/2 in
Air Supply:60 psi (4.2 bar) for 225 lbf (1000N)
125 psi (8.7 bar) for 550 lbf (2500N)
160 psi (11.2 bar) maximum
Operating Temp.:5 to 45°C / 40 to 110°F

Optional Accessories
  • Foot Pedal Controller (ML1797)
  • Jaw Replacement Kit (ML4242)

Force Capacity

Model LBF N

CS2 Series

Digital Force Testers

The CS2 Series is a revolutionary tabletop tester optimised for production and R&D testing applications.

  • User friendly and intuitive 2-in-1 touch screen tablet
  • No personal computer or proprietary software required
  • Large, flexible work area
  • Sample testing and quality assurance
  • 2.5N to 5kN load cells
  • Used for tensile, compression, sheer, flexural, and peel testing
Max Crosshead Travel:500 / 800mm (19.7 / 31.5 in)
Crosshead Speed:0.01 to 1270mm/min (0.001 to 50 in/min)
0.01 to 1016mm/min (0.001 to 40 in/min)
Speed Accuracy:±1% of selected speed
Data Sampling Rate:1000Hz
Operating Temp.:5 to 35°C / 40 to 95°F

Optional Accessories
  • Wide range of Grips & Fixtures
  • Over 50 Interchangeable CLC Load Cells
  • CS to CS2 Upgrade kit (SPK CS2 0057)

Force Capacity

Model LBF N
CS2 Tablet Features
  • Limit testing to load, displacement, hieght or time
  • Break testing - sharp or percentage
  • Multi-stage, cyclic tests and height measurements
  • Peel testing
  • Spring Testing
  • Capture 2nd Peak
  • RS-232 Auto result Export
CS2 Tablet Datasheet