BOB Float Valves

  • Ideal for applications with high turbulence such as cooling towers and car washes
  • Corrosion resistant heavy-duty cast brass valve construction
  • High-capacity float valves
  • Feature a compound lever mechanism and adjustable short arm for customising water level
  • Nitrile seals as standard (Vitron seals available)
RBS Part NumberTypePipe Size InletPipe Size OutletWeight LBS.Free Discharge Flow Capacity @ 35 PSIFree Discharge Flow Capacity @ 85 PSI
4019200RF605T-1/2½” NPTFFree Flow1.7518 GPM27 GPM
4019201RF605T-3/4¾” NPTFFree Flow1.8518 GPM27 GPM
4019202RF605T-11” NPTFFree Flow2.0463 GPM110 GPM
4019203R605T-1-1/41-1/4” NPTFFree Flow3112 GPM180 GPM
4019204R605T-1-1/21-1/2” NPTFFree Flow3112 GPM180 GPM
4019205R605T-22” NPTFFree Flow3112 GPM180 GPM

Including Valve Assembly (stem and float)

RBS Part NumberTypePipe Size InletPipe Size OutletFloat BallStemWeight LBS.Max. Inlet Pressure
4019200BRF605T-1/2-5P½” NPTFFree FlowPF51/4-20 SAE x10”3115 PSI
4019201BRF605T-3/4-5P¾” NPTFFree FlowPF51/4-20 SAE x 10”3.2115 PSI
4019202BRF605T-1-5P1” NPTFFree FlowPF8*3/8-16 SAE x 12”4.9115 PSI
4019203BR605T-1-1/4-5P1-¼” NPTFFree FlowPF8*3/8-16 SAE x 12”4.31115 PSI
4019204BR605T-1-1/2-5P1-½”NPTFFree FlowPF8*3/8-16 SAE x 12”4.44115 PSI
4019205BR605T-2-5P2” NPTFFree FlowPF8*3/8-16 SAE x 12”5.06115 PSI
* R434-11 Adapter Included 3/8-16SAE x 3/8 NPT
RBS P/NDescription
40191491/4-20 SAE x 10”
40191523/8-16 SAE x 12”
4019113PF5 float 5” diameter
4019115PF8 float 8” diameter
4019119R434-11 adaptor 3/8-16 SAE x 3/8” NPT
4019442KB 143 Disc & cup kit suit 1/2” & 3/4” valves
4019443KB 146 Disc & cup kit suit 1” valves
4019444KB 149 Disc & cup kit suit 1-1/4” 1-1/2” & 2” valves