Pressure Gauges

Conversion Table
Various Pressure Units kPa
1 bar 100
1 mbar 0.100
1 PSI 6.89476
1 cm of Mercury 1.330
1 inch of mercury 3.386
1 kg/cm2 98.067
1 metre of water 9.789
1 foot of water 2.984
1 inch of water 0.249
1 atmosphere 101.325

Q: Why is my gauge pointer off zero?

A: The gauge may have been dropped or over pressured.

Q: Why is my liquid filled gauge pointer off zero?

A:Pressure build up in the cast - to fix relieve pressure by removing and reinserting the rubber bung at the top of the gauge.

Q: Why are gauges filled with liquid?

A:To avoid early fatigue from vibration or to dampen the indication due to pulsating pressure.

Q: What is the maximum temperature that my gauge can be used at?

A:Gauges should not be exposed to excessive heat or cold, as this may cause them to indicate incorrectly. Working fluids at a temperature above 60°C should not be allowed to enter the gauge. Remember - if a gauge shank cannot be grasped by hand without discomfort, it is working at too high a temperature. (AS1349-1986).