Data Loggers

Q: Why does my RF Logger base-station seem to turn off after a few days?

A: This may be because of a Windows setting (USB Selective Suspend) that activates and turns the USB port power off to the base station. To disable this feature:

  1. Open the power settings for your Computer

  2. Click “Change Plan Settings”

  3. Choose “Change Advanced Power Settings”

Q: Where can I find the latest software for my data logger?

A: Each logger comes with its own ETI developed software. You can download the software for your logger from our downloads page.

Q: Why did my data logger come without a printed user manual?

A: A soft copy of the user manual is included on the software installation CD that comes with your data logger.

Q: How do I download my logger data to my computer?

A: Some data loggers come with a built-in cable connector or wireless capability that can connect directly with your computer. Alternatively, some require a separate cradle / data dock that connects with your computer via the USB port.

Q: Why isn’t my data logger working?

A: The most common problem in getting your logger working properly is ensuring you have the correct drivers. This can usually be determined by looking in the System Device Manager on your PC. It is also important to ensure that your logger has the necessary software and is registered before attempting installation.

Q: Does my data logger require any setting up before use?

A: Yes, each logger will need to be registered with controlling software along with personalised settings selected. Although some loggers come with pre-set defaults and are ready to use right out of the box, it is recommended to customise your particular needs (high and low alarms, frequency of measurements, etc) before use.

Q: How do I differentiate between multiple loggers in my data?

A: One of the key personalised settings for your logger is to allocate a different name to each unit. Most people use either a number, location, or type of material to name their loggers (ie, logger1 / upper_freezer / raw_fish).