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Software: (88.40 MB)

Please note: If you are currently using v3.0.3, please update your instrument using the firmware below:

Firmware: (3.3 MB)

Upgrade Instructions: Saf-T-Log_firmware_upgrade_Sept14.pdf (201.86 KB)

ThermaData Studio

The ThermaData Studio is a user-friendly application that enables you to organise and analyse data from each temperature unit.

Software (Version 4.0.1): (163 MB)

Software (Version 3.4.1): ThermaData_Studio.msi (44.06 MB)
Associated Files: (80.41 MB)
NB: Please ensure the ThermaData_Studio.msi file is saved within setup folder before running software upgrade

Firmware Update: FirmwareUpdater (53.66 MB)

Firmware Update (WiFi): (6.54 MB)

TD Link

Used in conjunction with ThermaData Studio, TD Link is a "view only" app that allows you to monitor the current readings, settings and reference information of each temperature unit. A push notification feature is available to be alerted when an alarm condition has been detected.

App Store Link: TD Link iOS

Google Play Link: TD Link Android


Designed to be used in conjunction with your Bluetooth Thermometer, the HACCP LE facilitates a complete easy-to-use HACCP system.

App Store Link: HACCP LE iOS

Google Play Link: HACCP LE Android



Software: (1.06 MB)

ADT 680

Software: (61.39 MB)

Terms and Conditions of Sale

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